Specializing in Art, Antiques, Fragile & High valued goods

  • We are a low cost full service Domestic and International crating company.
  • We offer professional packing and crating service on all types of items.
  • We also work with a Nationwide Freight Forwarding company to help you with your shipping needs.








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We will build it to your specifications
We as a company have the ability to pack and crate your items to your specifications. Depending on what type of item you have will determined the best packing solution for transit or storage uses.  


Palletizing: This consists of a pallet that is 48'x40'x6'.  To pack properly, the item would be positioned in the center of the pallet for safe transit. Shrink wrapping and banding are also included in this style of packing. It should be noted that this is our smallest form of packing .
Custom Palletizing: Consists of making a pallet that would best fit the item or items for safe transit. This option is usually chosen for items that can not fit on a standard pallet.  


Pallet Box: This is a custom pallet that your item would be placed on and wrapped. Your items would then be secured on the pallet with a heavy duty corrugated cover around it for protection. 


Framed Pallet Box: This is the same as a regular pallet box, but the only difference is that this style will include an interior wooded frame for the ability to stack items on top of this crate.  This type of packing is used for items traveling by common carrier.



Custom Wood Crate: Includes a fully enclosed wooden crate with foam lining, hard foam or bubble wrap if needed. This is the safest and must durable way to ship your items through the freight system.


Sandwich Crate: This type of crate is used for flat pieces like paintings, table tops, glass pieces, marble pieces etc.


A-Framed Crate: These are designed in the shape of an A. The bottom of these crates are wider and larger. These kinds of crates are used for shipping large pieces of glass and marble.  


Show Crate: This is a re-usable crate that is made to be heavy duty. The designs of these kinds of crates really have no limits. Some of the things you might find on a show crate are casters, locks, latches, hinges, carpeting etc. 


Heavy Duty Crate: This is a crate that is designed to handle large amounts of weight. The most common use for this style of crating are for metal safes, machinery, stone work, and concrete items.